Happy And Healthy From The Inside Out

A self-paced course to support you in healing your child from within.

Dear Mama,

If your child is experiencing eczema, colic, inability to sleep, behavioral issues, and/or sour poops—you’re probably doing everything under the sun to help them.

The problem is, you might not be looking in the right place.
I know this because when my second child was born I was completely caught off guard when he developed extreme eczema, his poop was really sour-smelling and sometimes full of mucus.

He couldn't sleep, was extremely uncomfortable, and our lives were a total mess.

I took him to see every kind of doctor and was always told "he is perfectly healthy!" or "here, this steroid cream will heal him right up" or "this must be a reaction to your breastmilk" or "Yep! This is a solid case of colic, don't worry. It’s normal, just wait it out.”

I felt lost and alone. These healthcare professionals who were supposed to help me never even took a second to unearth the root of my baby's symptoms. And his symptoms were worsening right before my eyes…

There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for my family.

So even feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed, I was determined and went on a 2.5 year quest to find the root cause of all of my child's symptoms. It’s even one of the reasons I became a certified family health coach, so I can help other families who are struggling the way mine was.
And the answer I found was…THE GUT.

It was a long journey where we finally learned that all of his symptoms were related to a gut imbalance. We rebalanced his gut, and all of his symptoms went away.

When my fourth-born showed similar imbalance symptoms and overcame them with the same gut rebalancing system, I knew I had something really powerful to share with the world.

So I know how you feel. And I also know there’s a solution to really healing your child and getting to the root cause.

The Happy and Healthy From The Inside Out Healing Journey

A mama’s roadmap to take you through the exact steps to healing the root cause of unexplainable symptoms in your child.

I created it for mamas who, despite being conscious, are facing unexplainable symptoms impacting their child’s health…

And to empower YOU as the leader of your family’s wellness.

Here’s everything you’ll learn:

  • Gut, microbiome and imbalances in digestible terms.
  • What foods to eat and what ones to avoid while rebalancing the gut.
  • ​Easy tips to turn gut-nurturing foods into kid-friendly meals!
  • ​The four components it takes to truly heal; mindset, knowledge, food and supplements.
  • ​The three phases of gut health and how to always come back to a balanced state.
  • ​Soul-care rituals to empower your motherhood.
  • ​Exactly how I healed my children’s gut, and how you can heal your child's too!
You’ll walk away with the exact guidance to start healing your child’s gut TODAY, regardless of your situation. No more sleepless nights googling your child's symptoms, trying to explain to doctors who just don’t get it, and relying on medications that don't actually heal the problem.
Whether your child is struggling with unexplained symptoms or you are just looking to deepen the level of your family's health and happiness - I designed this course for YOU!

You can replicate my tried-and-true system to heal the gut naturally, save yourself years and become the wellness leader of your family.


  • Sleep-deprived
  • Skin issues
  • Unhealthy poop
  • Limited appetite
  • ​Behavioral issues
  • Facing self-doubts about motherhood


  • Waking up feeling rested
  • Healthy skin
  • Healthy poop
  • Budding appetite
  • ​Authentic, stable behavior
  • Clarity and confidence to care for your own mama heart in addition to mothering
Join me in this educational journey to discover not only how to be ‘fine’, but to thrive from the inside out.

Course Content


  • ​Welcome!!
  • ​​Health and Happiness
  • ​This is for you...
  • ​The Potential Within
  • ​Your Workbook and Welcome Gift ♡
  • ​Cookbook Download
  • Lifetime 15% off discount code
  • ​Disclaimer
  • ​Our Story
  • ​Course Structure


  • Mindset
  • ​The Mindset it Takes to Be the Leader of Your Family's Wellness
  • ​It Starts With YOU, Mama ♡
  • Quote
  • ​If I can offer you one suggestion...
  • ​Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture
  • Words for you, mama!

  Mindset - Affirmations and Mantras

  • These are special for you, use them!
  • You Must Believe in Possibilities
  • ​Mantras for you, mama

  Knowledge - The Gut

  • In Digestible Terms
  • ​Let's Jump into the Gut!
  • ​The Gut
  • ​Dirt + Germs
  • ​When we Kill the Good Bacteria
  • Microbiome
  • ​RECOMMENDED CONTENT - Why you need to be more intentional than ever before to create a balanced gut.
  • ​All things POOP
  • ​Stories that I am sure you can relate to.
  • ​Let Go of Guilt
  • ​A Story... "I just feel so scared"
  • ​"My Mind was not Connected to my Body"
  • ​"How can this Possibly be Normal?"
  • ​Gut Imbalance Varies
  • ​"How can this possibly be normal?"

  Knowledge - Gut Imbalance

  • The Mysterious Root to so Many Symptoms
  • ​All Things Imbalance
  • ​What Causes an Imbalance?
  • ​Symptoms of Imbalance
  • ​RECOMMENDED CONTENT - The Connection Between Food Sensitivities, Intolerances, Allergies and Gut Health
  • Terms to be Familiar With
  • ​Why is Imbalance so Controversial?
  • ​Imbalance and What It Might Look Like
  • ​RECOMMENDED CONTENT - The quickest way to identify a gut imbalance.
  • Imbalance on a Spectrum
  • ​Gut Imbalance is COMMON!
  • ​How to Tell The Difference Between Imbalance and Normal Happenings Like Teething?


  • Let's take a deep dive!
  • ​Eat to Balance
  • ​Quote
  • What and What Not To Eat?
  • ​A Recipe to Whip Up for All of the Required Content Ahead
  • All About Wheat
  • ​Organic vs. Conventional
  • ​How the toxic Salton Sea is a perfect reflection of how GMO's impact our gut health.
  • ​Organic + GMO's
  • ​Let's Go Shopping Together!
  • ​Tips + More
  • ​Plan Ahead and You Are Sure to Succeed!
  • ​Eating Out, Social Gatherings + Holidays
  • ​Kids and Sugar
  • ​Quote
  • ​Nightshades

  Food - Recipes

  • This is where it gets fun!!
  • ​Keeping the food side of all this simple

  A Balanced Gut

  • You've Got This!
  • ​How to implement everything you have learned.
  • ​Your Path Forward Spectrum
  • ​Quote
  • ​The Two Most Important Components of Rebalancing the Gut
  • ​The Rebalance Phase - Significant Imbalance to Balanced
  • ​Connecting the Dots
  • ​Quote
  • ​Helpful Tips While Rebalancing


  • The Future of Your Gut Health
  • ​The Double Down Phase - Minor Imbalance to Balanced
  • ​The Maintenance Phase - Living in Balance
  • ​RECOMMENDED CONTENT - Four things beyond food and supplements you can do to nurture your gut bacteria.
  • ​Educate and Empower


  • Balancing Supplements
  • ​Cleanse
  • ​Nourish
  • ​Relieve
  • Wash
  • Suggested Children's Gut Rebalance Kit
  • ​Recommended Supplement Dosage
  • We did the Rebalance, are we set Forever?
  • ​What if my child doesn't fully heal?

  Offerings for You, Dear Mama

  • This Section is for YOU!
  • Self and Soul-Care
  • ​Your mama heart capacity. Where are YOU right now?
  • ​The Power of Soul-Care
  • ​Cohesive Motherhood
  • Simple Soul-Care Routine
  • Mama Gut Health
  • Balance
  • ​YOU Always Know Best


  • Knowledge and Support are Power
  • My go to Resources for all things Gut Health and Motherhood
  • ​Strep (PANDAS) Awareness and Epstein Barr
  • ​Histamine

  Copyright and Contact

  • Sharing and Reaching Me ♡

  YOU did it!!!

  • I am so damn proud of you!
When you enroll today, you’ll get LIFETIME access to all the course materials. Even when updates come out.

This will be your compass to a thriving, healthy family ♡

Cost of a SINGLE procedure (ie. a colonoscopy) with a gastroenterologist: 
$2,100 - $3,764 (and still being left without a clear path forward)

Acquiring the LIFETIME gift of rebalancing your family’s gut:

$497 $372 Pre- Black Friday Discount - One Time Payment ($100 Savings)


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"I know you share this course with moms but I tell everyone I know about it because I am actually not a mom yet but have struggled with gut issues my entire life. I can honestly say I have NEVER felt better. I am a customer for life. Thank you for sharing this course and for changing my life. You are a saint and I will be right here to say all the good things about you and what you are doing. Thank you thank you."


"So I have to reach out and tell you this! My daughter is 10 months old and thanks to your course based on her poop I know when she's going through a gut imbalance. Every single time her poop smells very sweet/sour and isn't fully digested I know what's coming! A yeast rash starts to develop immediately after she has one of those poops and I jump on giving her your silver and probiotic. It makes it go away! I make my own diaper cream which has calendula infused coconut oil which helps with the rash. But I alternate your silver gel and the diaper cream. Works like a charm. I am a customer for life!"

Kj Wiggins

"I can't believe it! My son is 3 years old and after going through your course and following what you teach he just had his first solid poop! The first he has ever had!"



How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?

In contrast to doctors or any other ‘gut-health’ enthusiast, I experienced what you’re going through for 2.5 years AND got certified to give you practical guidance.

The system has worked for two of my children who experienced severe gut imbalance and also continues to help everyone in my family maintain gut health and balance! Everything I recommend is literally what I did and do for my family.

Why not stick exclusively to doctors?

I took my child to 17 healthcare professionals and got the total runaround. If they work for you, I’m grateful! But for those who need more—this course is your answer.

I am very busy. How long will this take?

You can take this course at your own pace! No need to rush or radically change your schedule

There’s something holding me back…

Your partner may not be on board, money may be tight, or maybe it's just the natural hesitation...

It's normal to feel this way. Big changes are frequently met with big resistance.

So try to relax and connect with your intuition: what does it tell you is the right choice? How would your life change if you got even just a little more clarity and insight into your child's symptoms?

Rely on your soul's strength to make this decision. I'm here for you. You can do this!

Not quite ready for the course?

No worries, mama. I am here to meet you where you are. 

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